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Spain’s acclaimed Golden Visa has gained soaring popularity in recent years, rightfully owning the spotlight. The Golden Visa presents an outstanding opportunity to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing Spanish landscapes, live and work for extended periods, and even bring your family along to share this extraordinary journey!

The most appealing part? All you need is to visit Spain once a year. Make a worthwhile investment in this vibrant nation, and you earn the esteemed recognition as an investor resident. This offer leaves little to be desired!

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We’re committed to equipping you with all the information you need on your path to a Spanish Golden Visa. With a deep dive into the wide array of options, compelling benefits, cost implications, and detailed procedures, we’ve got you covered. We also pledge to keep you informed of the latest updates, changes, and important tax considerations surrounding the Golden Visa.

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Discover the Marvels of the Spanish Golden Visa Program

What is the Spanish Golden Visa?

Unravel the wonders of the Spanish Golden Visa Program, an exclusive residency opportunity designed for those outside the European Union eager to invest in the colorful nation of Spain and in turn, procure a residence permit. This prestigious program, apart from offering the freedom to live and work in Spain for an initial three-year period, allows for extensions, simply by retaining your initial investment.

How easy is it to get a Spanish Golden Visa?

Setting foot on the journey to secure a Spanish Golden Visa has never been easier. It’s transparency and simplicity make it a favourite among non-European aspirants seeking Spanish residency. With the thriving Spanish real estate market and the rich cultural and natural treasures, the Spanish investor permit emerges as a compelling choice.

What’s needed to invest in Spain?

Investment journey begins with acquiring a Non-Resident NIE (foreign identity number). This number is essential for all foreigners aiming to make any legal or economic transaction in Spain, such as buying a property. You can conveniently request this number from your home country.

What requirements must I fulfil for a Spanish Golden Visa?

To sail smoothly on the pursuit of a Spanish Golden Visa, you must meet certain prerequisites, such as legal adulthood, a clean record, comprehensive healthcare coverage in Spain, financial stability, and a valid investment.

What can I do with a Spanish Golden Visa?

The Spanish Investor’s Permit is akin to a golden ticket that opens up an array of opportunities in Spain. From living and working to extending stay with minimal residence requirements, unrestricted travel within the EU, and family inclusion, the benefits are many.

How much should I invest for a Spanish Golden Visa?

Whether your investment budget is €500,000, €1 million, or €2 million, there’s a pathway tailored for you, ranging from real estate to public debt.

Can I invest in several properties?

Absolutely! The combined value of all your purchases must reach or exceed the minimum investment threshold of €500,000.

Can I use financing?

No. Investment must be made in cash.

What date must the investment have been made?

In any case, after 2014.

How can I apply for my Golden Visa?

  1. From your country of origin
  2. Directly in Spain if you have entered as a tourist.

How long can I stay in Spain on a golden visa?

Starting with a 1-year visa, you can be granted a 3-year residency card, which can be renewed for another 5 years, extending.

Golden visa in Spain after Brexit

Post-Brexit, UK citizens seeking an uncomplicated route to Spanish residency are exploring the best options at their disposal. Increasingly, the Spanish Golden Visa, along with the non-lucrative visa, is emerging as a preferred choice.

Why? Let’s delve into the reasons.

Traditionally, Brits who relocated to Spain enjoyed a seamless and straightforward immigration procedure under the EU regime. The EU registration certificate, easy to obtain in less than 48 hours and with minimal requirements, made this a favoured choice.

With the changing scenario post-Brexit, there’s a pressing need for alternatives that mirror these conveniences. Enter the Spanish Golden Visa, a fitting solution for UK citizens.

The investor residence permit, as it’s also known, grants permission to work and can be applied for directly within Spain. Plus, its primary requirement, real estate investment, aligns perfectly with the preferences of many Brits, as property purchase is a common activity amongst them.

So, if you’re hailing from the UK and contemplating a move to Spain, the Spanish Golden Visa could be your perfect match. It’s time to start considering this permit as your primary option. Embrace the sun-soaked life in Spain while enjoying the privileges of the Golden Visa!

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