Buying a house in Spain

Iglesias & Asociados, Solicitors, has been helping clients of all nationalities to buy and sell properties
in Spain for over 35 years, which has given us the experience that we would like to offer you.

Buying a house in the Spain implies going through several different processes:


Reservation contract or private contract

Once you have agreed verbally on an offer, that agreement has to be documented in a reservation or private contract. We, or the other party’s solicitor, will prepare that contract, stating the rules according to which the transaction will take place and the deadline for the signature of title deeds and taking over of the property.


NIE number

Fiscal identification number needed for any transaction the Spain.

We take care of getting it for you.


Legal investigation

This is the most important part of conveyancing, during which the solicitor is going to visit different registries and institutions such as the land registry, cadastre, Town Hall… to find out any possible debts, liabilities or restrictions on the property, confirming its legal status, as well as the fulfilment of the Townhall zoning regulations.


Title deeds

This is the document that grants you ownership of the property.

Once the lawyer is 100% sure that the property meets all the legal requirements he will arrange the paperwork to be signed before the notary so that the title deeds of ownership can be registered into your name.


Title deeds processing

Once the sale has been completed, the process of registration of your name as owner in the land registry starts:

  1. First we have to pay the purchase tax into the tax office.
  2. Then we have to file the original deeds into the land registry.
  3. Within 30 days we collect the fully registered title deeds.


After sales services

Optionally, we can take care as well of:

  1. Changing the name of the owner of the property at the Town hall.
  2. Changing the name of the owner of the property at the Cadaster.
  3. Making the new contracts with all the suppliers (electricity, water, community of co-owners…).
  4. Bank standing orders.

Fees: our normal conveyancing fees are 1% of the purchase price of the property, with a minimum of 1200 €.

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Buying a house in Spain